Ciba Geigy

Author: 26-08-2013


The ethical division of Ciba Geigy sought a way to ensure that their newly introduced products would be prescribed (diffuse) faster.

The Issue

As a consequence of research and development (including clinical trials) approvals and other legal issues it meant that newly developed ethical drugs take many years to launch.

Once launched Ciba Geigy wanted to optimise the acceptance of its new products amongst doctors and specialists.

What We Did

We instigated a research project that would identify and profile doctors and specialists who were innovators in order to focus on them for future campaigns to speed up the diffusion of these products.

We partnered with Pharma Data a company that recorded when and by whom prescriptions had been issued for new products in the past.

Innovators who had prescribed two products within our designated time frames were invited to be included in a quantitative survey as were a valid sample of those who had adopted later, and the results compared for statistical significance.

Demographics and psychographics were analysed and an innovator profile formulated that provided Ciba with an opportunity to target funds to innovators on new product launches far more effectively. Factors such as language, age and medical school attended all played a role.

The Outcome

Once Ciba Geigy targeted the innovator profile and its spend became significantly more effective as a consequence of considerably faster acceptance and diffusion

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