National Magazines/ Media 24

Author: 26-08-2013


National Magazines is part of the Media 24 group, an extremely large and diverse listed public company focussed on publishing.

The Issue

The group needed assistance on two levels, i.e. internally, as well as establishing innovative ways to add value to advertisers with a view to building relationships and increasing advertising revenue.

What We Did

I contracted with National Magazines as their internal business consultant to assist the division with its market development and change management. The former included editorial advice based on market research whereby reader profiles were linked to demographics and lifestyles as well as working closely with senior management on the implementation of new products targeted at specific consumer sectors.

In addition, I recommended the implementation of market research panels for the major magazines to assist the company and its clients, who were invited to include questions on the panels.

This was extremely well received as an area of significant added value. Both consumer and agricultural panels were utilised with great success.

Furthermore I analysed and presented findings in the form of a written report to clients, along with recommendations, on behalf of the company.

The Outcome

National Magazines circulation increased as a consequence of vastly improved editorial and magazine covers and new products were successfully introduced across a number of market sectors.

The panels were highly successful and as a consequence advertising revenue was greatly enhanced as was the relationship between the division and its clients. After the first year of the panels advertising revenue rose 17% after adjustment for inflation.

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