About us

Optivance 360 is a management and franchise consulting company dedicated to assisting clients grow and attain their full potential. Our highly skilled directors and consultants all have over twenty years' experience at a very senior level. Over time, our consultants have provided outstanding solutions to clients ranging in size from SME’s such as Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream and Driving Miss Daisy to large international corporations including Qantas, BASF, Agrevo, Aventis, Sakata, World Vision and many others.

What We Do

Optivance 360 operates across a wide range of product and service areas in both the private and public sectors. Our areas of expertise are consolidated into the following four main categories:

  • 360° Management Consulting Service
  • Financial Strategy and Management
  • Branding and Marketing Solutions
  • Franchising: Locally and internationally

In addition we are proficient at non-executive management roles. For more about our services please click here.


Optivance 360 was founded by Stan Zets (CA) and Alan Kaplan (PhD), both of whom have over twenty five years’ experience at a senior level in their respective fields. Irvin Gordon (CA) joined the group a year after it was founded and Alan Branch (LLB) became a Director in 2013. Read more.

Our Core Values

Our core values include going the ‘extra mile’ to assist clients to attain their full potential by providing optimal sustainable solutions and an ethos embracing a culture of integrity and respect across all stakeholders and society at large. We also support community and environmental endeavours. 

Client Relationships

People are our greatest asset. In keeping with this, our ‘client for life program’ shapes the way we ‘partner with’ and work alongside, clients and all stakeholders, respecting and supporting them every step of the way.

Our Modus Operandi

An initial no cost, no obligation, meeting or discussion will ascertain your organisation’s current situation and needs. Once established, we document how Optivance 360 can best add value, together with ways in which we can ‘partner’. This may be as a consultant on an hourly, weekly or retainer basis, in a non-executive management capacity or in a mentorship role. Other ways of working together, such as project management, can also be explored, as appropriate.

Why Choose Optivance 360

Reasons to choose Optivance 360 include:

  • Outstanding experience and expertise. All our directors and consultants have over 25 years' experience at a very senior level in key areas including financial, franchising, brand development and marketing.
  • A holistic 360 degree approach to projects from inception to completion.
  • Adopting an analytical and creative approach to projects, with a proven record of pragmatic and successful solutions of the highest calibre
  • Striving to provide your organisation with an optimal sustainable advantage in key areas of your business.
  • Our outstanding client servicing ethic, client for life philosophy and proactive approach.
  • We offer great flexibility in the manner in which we can work alongside clients, and provide excellent value.
  • We are able to implement our branding, marketing and communications recommendations and strategies in tandem with our highly successful in-house advertising and marketing Agency, Milestone-Belanova, in a seamless and cost efficient manner. Milestone-Belanova is proficient in both on and off-line areas and has exemplary creativity.