Strategy and Planning

Strategy and planning are both essential areas of franchising, at many levels, to enable you to best achieve your franchise goals.

Strategy precedes planning and focuses on developing a game plan or road map to achieve specific goals and objectives in the most optimal manner.

Optivance 360 strategy is visionary and provides a framework that guides the choices that determine the nature and direction of your organisation. These choices relate to the scope of your organisation’s business model, products, markets, key capabilities, growth, ROI, and allocation of resources, to name but some.

Optivance 360 planning on the other hand is concerned with how best to put the strategy in place. It deals with issues like the sequence, timing and manner of implementing the chosen strategy, together with the processes involved at each level as well as with ways to measure goals and objectives along the way.

When it comes to strategy and planning, Optivance 360 provides substantial value to clients in a number of key areas including: 

  • Franchise business modelling and planning
  • Franchise growth strategies both in Australia and internationally
  • Brand development, marketing and communications strategies, plans and management
  • Financial strategies, planning and management
  • Business exit strategies and their implementation

In addition to strategy and planning Optivance 360 also adds value in important allied areas such as:

  • Analysis and evaluation of franchise business systems and documentation
  • Preparation of Franchise Operations Manuals
  • Seminars and workshops with key personnel and stakeholders

Optivance 360 works in a 360 degree holistic manner and incorporates synergy to the fullest extent. We partner with clients every step of the way and embrace a ‘client for life’ philosophy.

Our expert team can assist you with all of the above. For more information please contact us.