Corporate Business

Optivance 360 has considerable experience with large corporates in a number of specialist areas and our management consultants continue to provide outstanding business solutions and client servicing.

We are proactive, client centric, and have been complimented by many blue chip organisations on our outstanding work ethic and high quality of outcomes.

Whilst large corporates often have sophisticated infrastructures and skilled staff there are many areas in which Optivance 360 continues to add value to corporates. These include:

  • Analysing and assessing financial strategies and optimising these, as relevant.
  • Reviewing and implementing enhanced financial management procedures
  • Expense reduction solutions and management
  • Franchising strategy and solutions
  • Branding, Marketing & Communications audits, strategic solutions and their seamless implementation from a logistical and creative perspective.
  • Project initiation and management
  • As expert members of ongoing project and other review panels
  • Non executive management roles
  • Mentoring, workshops and seminars

A significant advantage of using Optivance 360 is that executives are often too close to a situation to view the situation objectively or do not have the time or resources to dedicate to specific areas or projects.

Our objective assessments, fresh ideas, analytical and creative solutions and innovative strategies have all added significant value to corporates over time

Corporate clients that our directors and consultants have worked with over time include AC Nielsen, Agrevo, Agspec, Aventis, BASF, Cadbury-Schweppes, Ciba, Defy, Dow, Eskom, Fidelity Guards, Media 24, Kimberly-Clark, Kynoch, Minolta, Roussel, Sakata, Qantas, Wellcome-Cooper and World Vision, etc.

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We invite Corporates to contact us to discuss their business challenges, opportunities and needs and to ascertain how best we can assist you in this regard. Depending on your location and circumstances, the first telephone or personal consultation is free and without obligation.