Business Advisory Services – The Value Proposition

Each business has its own peculiar personality. This personality evolves over time but essentially, it is a reflection of the culture, values, objectives and goals of the organisation and the alignment of the people within this framework.

Goals are not necessarily about the hard issues of profit and cash flow; they can also address the soft and emotive issues of job satisfaction, customer care, and environmental protection and so on.

When it comes to growth strategy and management consulting, Optivance 360 strives to understand the culture of clients and align advice to client ethos. In so doing we strive to achieve a holistic and balanced view in helping establish, assess and evaluate our client's goals and objectives.

Optivance 360 strives to empower business owners through knowledge, ideas and strategies to attain optimal outcomes. To achieve this, we seek to imbue the owner with a holistic understanding of their business combined with the optimal path moving forward.

Growth Strategies – The Road to Profit

Optivance 360 helps improve profitability and establish value by creating value frameworks that:

Increase revenue - price, product, volume, value, time management, branding & marketing

Reduce expenses – price, volume, seasonality, tender, supplier analysis, generics, alternatives, technology, process, policy

Develop assets – franchise, brand development and positioning

Brand development and market penetration – branding, marketing, communications, PR

Improve productivity – education, mentorship, psychological appraisal, resource planning, reward and recognition, recruitment profiling

Maximise capital structure – corporate structure, taxation, funding, debt equity relations, financial planning

Monitor and evaluate - financial reporting, budgeting and cash flow analysis, non-executive management and directorship