Marketing Fund Management

Marketing is a vital component of growing franchises and business generally.

Whilst franchisees are often required to contribute to a marketing fund this can be a contentious area if those that contribute do not believe that the funds are being spent optimally or that their input and needs are being ignored.

Optivance 360 provides essential expertise, skills and objectivity to manage your marketing fund and related, and helps manage the relationship across stakeholders in this regard.

Our brand and marketing division is headed by Alan Kaplan PhD who has more than 25 years' experience at a senior level in branding, marketing, communications and related areas. In addition, our Group advertising and marketing agency, Milestone-Belanova develops and produces creative strategies of the highest order at highly competitive rates.

Milestone-Belanova’s CEO, Barbara Ketley, is the recipient of the highly prestigious Women in Business Lifetime Achievement Award and has a wealth of experience in key business and marketing fronts.

Areas relating to marketing fund management that Optivance 360 can greatly assist your franchise with include:

  • A brand, marketing and communications audit (situational analysis) on an industry, company, competitive and consumer basis, as relevant
  • Market research both quantitative and qualitative
  • Liaising with relevant stakeholders such as brand owners, franchisees, suppliers and others, as relevant
  • Being part of a marketing fund management committee and imparting expertise and objectivity, with many benefits to stakeholders
  • Integrating branding, marketing and communications strategies on a national and regional basis to attain optimal outcomes
  • Ensuring that brand standards are developed and met
  • Developing optimal marketing plans and budgets relative to objectives, target markets, brand image, positioning and competition.
  • Implementing and managing recommendations, including all creative, production and media solutions in the most cost effective and beneficial manner.
  • Setting KPI’s and tracking outcomes relative to goals
  • Assisting with the marketing fund audit

For more information on how we can assist you to optimally manage your marketing fund, please contact us.