Branding and Marketing Solutions

Brand Solutions

A brand is potentially one of the most valuable assets an organisation can own. Irrespective of whether it is a corporate, product, service or other type of brand it is vital that you strengthen and optimise your brand before commencing any marketing or communication activities.

In fact whilst marketing campaigns can be changed daily (such as happens in the retail world), your brand needs to be unique, add value, have longevity and be consistent across stakeholders and time.

Whilst brand development and marketing go hand in hand, brand is relatively far more strategic and important and aligns far more closely with the corporate culture and overarching strategy.

A brand is far more than just a name, trademark, tagline and logo.

Crucial brand related areas that we add significant value to include: brand audits (situational analysis), brand names and identity, (including brand personality), points of parity and difference, as well as the development of unique and compelling core and extended values.

Brand strategies that focus on the uniqueness of your brand are crucial for success. What can your brand deliver that others can’t and how will this value be delivered?

We also enhance targeting, brand positioning and brand architecture and develop highly creative brand stories in many different genre.

We also provide expertise as regards brand research and brand standards manuals and across a myriad of other highly significant brand related areas, such as brand extensions. We can also manage your brand/s on an on-going basis.

Marketing Solutions

Optimising your marketing efforts begins with assessing and understanding your current situation and offerings in relation to your company culture, brand, target markets and other key factors, including your competition and the market sectors on which you focus. At Optivance 360 we adopt a holistic approach in this regard.

Following on, we develop objectives and goals as well as a marketing strategy and plan that can best be used to deliver your strategy, including the best creative execution possible, within budget.

Depending on circumstances, your marketing would usually include both on and off line solutions.

This multimedia approach could include: website development and optimisation, social media strategies and management, email campaign strategy, content writing (including blogging), advertising, promotions, PR, sponsorships and many other appropriate elements, all tailored to your precise needs and circumstances.

Throughout all our endeavours we strive to create a significant optimal sustainable advantage for your company.

In addition, Optivance 360 enables clients to seamlessly implement all brand, marketing and communications recommendations through its successful and highly creative in-house marketing and advertising company, Milestone-Belanova.

Please contact Alan Kaplan at your earliest convenience to discuss your brand, marketing and communication requirements on: or on 0418 758 555.

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