Risk Management and Compliance

Each Australian franchise must comply with the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct, the requirements pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act and numerous other laws and regulations. In like fashion, franchises that go offshore also need to ensure that they comply with all the legal and other requirements of the country concerned.

Optivance 360 will work with you to identify the regulatory and compliance obligations and map out a risk management procedure and reduce red tape and unnecessary paperwork.

Each franchise system has plans and objectives which also generate risks that need to be managed. Early identification of business risks and other risks that may impact the business can enable you to leverage them to extract economic value and brand advantage, keeping you ahead of competitors. Optivance 360 will assist you to develop a proactive risk management culture within the entire organisation allowing you, as franchisor, to better focus on your business.

The Head of Risk Management and Compliance is Alan Branch, winner of numerous awards in the franchise sector and highly acclaimed expert and international speaker on franchising and business more broadly.

Areas in which we can add considerable value include:

  • Business research, assessment and guidance
  • Evaluation and recommendations for your Franchise Compliance program, including Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Control Systems
  • All contractual matters
  • Assessing business risk and other forms of risk (e.g. economic, language, cultural  and political) that may impact your business or industry now or in the future
  • Assisting you to measure risk over time, as circumstances change, and advising on the best measures to adopt
  • Ensuring that all Australian and foreign compliance measures are identified and implemented promptly, professionally and cost efficiently