Franchising: Partnering with Optivance 360

Franchising is a business model that features heavily when scalable business opportunities arise and where the promotion of these opportunities is logistically complex, and finance and time are limited.

Franchising is regulated in most countries and there is generally a minefield of legal traps that have to be navigated. In Australia, franchising is governed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, as amended, and the Franchising Code of Conduct. Domestically and internationally, it is vital to be aware of the influence of taxation such as payroll taxes, and of issues related to superannuation, labour legislation, trade unions, social welfare, equity development, health and safety and differences from country to country etc.

With specialist knowledge, experience and outstanding networks across all continents, Optivance 360 is able to help clients seeking to establish and grow franchises in Australia and internationally or those wishing to purchase a Master Franchise or Country Licence in specific domains.

Our appointment of Alan Branch as Director and President of Global Development has greatly enhanced our value offering in this area through a powerful infusion of additional expertise, local and international networks and the enormous synergy this alliance brings.

Should you wish to develop your franchise locally or internationally or purchase a Master Franchise in a category or specific domain, please follow this link.

International Business Development

Through our network of international business partners and contacts, we are able to offer assistance and insight into conditions of markets, legal frameworks and taxation infrastructure.

Optivance 360 directors and consultants have worked in North and South America, Western Europe, Southern Africa, Asia and Australasia. See more by following this link.