Franchise Profitability

Every franchisor, master franchisee and franchisee wants the ability to assess and optimise franchise profitability - a crucial factor for sustainable success.

Whilst the sale of franchises produces significant revenue, the ongoing success and sustainability of the franchise depends on the continuing success of individual franchisees. Optivance 360 offers the skill and experience to help franchisors implement profit maximisation techniques for their franchisees and to assess and evaluate franchisee financial performance at grass roots to help unit owners attain their objectives.

Key areas in which Optivance 360 adds considerable value in this area include:

  • Assessing the suitability of different franchise options relative to experience, skills, interests, and business, personal and financial goals
  • Examining the quality of existing financial records and information and, where necessary, conducting Due Diligence
  • Analysing and assessing the current business model including systems and processes and advising on and managing changes to them
  • Conducting in-depth financial analyses including annualised sales growth, gross and net profit, current ratios and return on investment
  • Assessing performance relative to industry standards
  • Development and maintenance of franchise performance benchmarks and trends
  • Improved logistics, renegotiation with product suppliers and importers to reduce costs

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