Author: Optivance36026-08-2013


Finale is a rodenticide initially launched in a pellet form for indoor use in the consumer sector and in a liquid bait form for use in warehouses and grain stores.

Our branding tagline “one dose and it’s the end of the rodent’ was extremely well received as were our many innovative campaigns into many niche market sectors, including a 30 second radio campaign in which Finale the world heavyweight champ annihilates King Rat, the challenger, in the ring.

The Issue

Despite the success of the brand there was a considerable amount of additional opportunity mainly through product and market development

What We Did

Working closely with Agrevo (later Aventis) we encouraged the introduction of an additional variant to stem the tide of rodents before they had an opportunity to go indoors. This new variant was in the form of a water resistant cube whose impact on the environment had been minimised. This included colouring the product blue as this is the least attractive colour to birds.

The introduction of the new variant now enabled us to add value to the range as we were then able to communicate that Finale was the total solution to all rodent issues, which impacted very positively.

In addition we then focussed on acquiring additional niche markets in the health and hospitality sectors which brought with it further growth and profitability thereby entrenching the company as the market leader in environmental health.

The Outcome

Sales of Finale increased significantly and its position as market leader was further entrenched with an increase in both market share and profitability.

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