Goliath Gel

Author: 26-08-2013


Goliath Gel is an excellent product used to eradicate cockroaches. Once the clear gel, which attracts cockroaches, is applied it lasts for months and cockroaches need only touch the bait for it to kill, although most consume it. Entire colonies of cockroaches are eradicated through the cascade (domino) effect which manifests as cockroaches that have been in contact with the gel touch others in the colony or are consumed by other cockroaches after death.

The Issue

Agrevo wished to create awareness and exceptional value to the brand to further enhance sales.

What We Did

The active ingredient (Fipronil) is used by professional pest control companies.

We decided to target those who did not wish to go to the expense of calling in the professionals or where the extent of the problem was not at the stage where it warranted this or simply when this option was not affordable.

The brand positioning incorporated the value proposition that users would have access to a professional quality solution at a fraction of the cost of calling in a professional pest controller.

In addition we emphasised that the product was easy to use and apply (in a syringe format). It was also fast acting with long term efficacy and did not have any of the negatives associated with spraying. An excellent communications and PR strategy was devised and distribution extended.

The Outcome

Successful branding, marketing and communication of the concept in consumer and niche sectors proved highly successful and profitable for the company.

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