Linking individual brands to the Agrevo Corporate Brand

Author: 26-08-2013


We wished to ensure that Agrevo conveyed as much value as possible at both a corporate and individual brand level.

The Issue

Whilst the individual Agrevo brands were doing extremely well we believed that establishing a link (endorsement) between Agrevo and its brands would have a positive impact on both the corporate and individual brands. In this way branded products emanating from Agrevo would carry with them the assurance of quality, expertise and exceptional efficacy.

What We Did

All print advertising incorporated the Agrevo logo and a tagline (Setting the standards) in the lower right hand corner thereby creating a synergistic link between the corporate and individual brands. This also reinforced the positive perception that consumers had across all brands emanating from Agrevo. We also introduced this connection in electronic media as well as in PR and recommended a similar approach online.

The Outcome

This approach impacted very positively on both the company and its brands from a credibility perspective according to the research, as consumers were now far more likely to trust and buy products emanating from Agrevo.

Other brands we successfully built for Agrevo include: Coopex, Coopermatic, Termidor, Zero, Killem and Maxforce. Our contribution to taking Agrevo (later Aventis) to and consolidating their position as market leader in a mature market was acknowledged by the company in writing.

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