Minolta Cameras

Author: 26-08-2013


The sole importers and distributors of Minolta Cameras required insight into consumer preferences and other crucial aspects.

The Issue

The company was experiencing difficulties with areas of their sales and marketing efforts and needed information to assist them with their branding and marketing strategy and tactical approach.

Issues at stake included consumer opinions of current models by users of Minolta and competitive brands as well as preferred features and expectations, pricing perceptions, competitive aspects, advertising, communication, after sales service and related issues.

What We Did

We conducted qualitative and quantitative market research in the relevant target sectors, uncovering valuable information which contributed to a deeper understanding of Minolta and other brands as well as other highly crucial issues.

The Outcome

Once consumer needs were ranked and perceptions and preferences more fully understood, the branding and marketing strategies were reformulated and tactically implemented, with very positive outcomes. Sales of the most popular model grew by 19 % in the year following the research and its implementation.

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