Defy Hobs and Ovens

Author: 26-08-2013


Defy Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of stoves, cooking surfaces and ovens that required marketing information to justify a large investment.

The Issue

Before launching a new range of hobs and ovens Defy needed to establish which of a number of prototypes they should manufacture and introduce onto the market. The company wanted to base this on consumer preferences for a wide range of features and required guidance with their branding and marketing strategy for the chosen range and features.

What We Did

A large statistically valid quantitative study was conducted whereby respondents viewed a range of hobs and ovens and discussed their features and preferences, with reasons.

The research showed that by far the most popular choices were the glass top hob and the eye level oven.

In addition to these, there were a number of other models that were sufficiently popular to incorporate in the range, whilst others were excluded. Various features were discussed and preferences established

Following insights from the study, strategic and tactical decisions were formulated and implemented.

The Outcome

The launch was an overwhelming success and the range quickly captured by far the largest market share and continues to dominate.

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