Author: 26-08-2013


BASF Crop Protection wished to enhance their sales and marketing efforts to a far greater extent.

The Issue

Whilst BASF Crop Protection believed it was performing well in their marketing and sales endeavours it felt that that these efforts were not being reflected in its sales performance.

What we Did

Our solution was to partner with Markinor, a prominent market research company. Following input from BASF and ourselves, Markinor conducted a large quantitative survey in the agricultural sector. Factor analysis and other statistical techniques were utilised in the analysis to provide solutions and direction.

What was uncovered was that whilst BASF was indeed performing well against some criteria these ranked far less in importance than envisaged. Other factors the company had not focussed on (with a higher importance ranking) were the ones that really mattered.

The Outcome

By realigning their priorities as well as uncovering other critical issues we provided BASF with valuable strategic and tactical input in areas relating to branding, marketing and sales, which enhanced performance substantially.

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