World Vision

Author: Alan Kaplan26-08-2013


World Vision is a development and advocacy organisation founded on Christian principles that is dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty internationally.

The Issue

World Vision was a major advertiser in National Magazines as many of their products targeted their donor profile extremely well.

Despite this good fit the organisation felt that its advertising efforts were not yielding anything like their full potential. World Vision needed market research to help establish what the issues were in order to attain considerably better outcomes but did not want to spend large sums of money in this endeavour. As such the introduction of the National Magazine Panels provided the organisation with an ideal opportunity.

What We Did

A series of questions was compiled and included on those panels whose readers best fitted their target market and in which they advertised.

The Outcome

The findings reflected issues in the advertising message and impact and the fact that many felt that too much emphasis was being placed on sending funds abroad rather than focussing on pressing local issues. These and other aspects were addressed and subsequent marketing efforts increased donations substantially.

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