Kamillen Products

Author: 26-08-2013


Kamillen products is a manufacturer of OTC medication and toiletries that focuses on very specific market sectors. The company did not have a dedicated marketing department and as such needed assistance with its branding, marketing and communications, including pack design.

The Issue

The company’s branding and marketing operated on a modest budget and required a comprehensive overhaul. There was a severe lack of synergy between all of the elements.

Advertising was in the form of a multitude of small, print advertisements, across an array of media, often in black and white with little or no impact.

What We Did

We encouraged the company to increase their advertising budget moderately and designed impactful half and full page advertisements in full colour that greatly enhanced their brands visually. We also added functional and emotional values.

In the case of Hercules, one of their major brands we designed an advertisement that captured the essence of the entire range in a single full page advertisement in which quality and strength featured prominently. This was well received as not only did a sterling promotional job, but it was also a very cost efficient solution.

We also optimised the media selection relative to target market, budget and other objectives..

In addition packaging impact was strengthened markedly and all marketing endeavours were planned holistically.


The Outcome

Sales improved markedly over the 14 years we held the account, at which time the company changed hands. In acknowledging our contribution the CEO wrote that over this time the company “experienced enormous growth and increased market share for all major brands” and praised our contribution and proactive approach.

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