Australian FMCG

Author: 26-08-2013


A well established Australian FMCG premium priced brand that was distributed by the major chains was experiencing a major decline in sales to the extent that its major brand was threatened with delisting.

A major Australian retail chain recognised that the poor sales was a branding and marketing issue and suggested that the company, which is an SME, contacted us for assistance.


The Issue

The company lacked a branding and marketing strategy and plan, and general sense of direction.

Whilst the company was investing in marketing, it only conveyed functional brand values that many others (including the market leader) were also stressing. There was no distinctive point of difference and a total lack of emotional, self expressive or social values. The brand was also not ideally targeted in its communications.

The company relied exclusively on in-store promotional price cuts for volume which did not grow the business in the long term.

What We Did

We formulated branding and marketing plans and strategies and recommended that these be implemented. We optimised targeting as well as creating a point of difference and added emotional and self expressive values to the functional ones. Our recommendations included an enhanced media and promotional mix and a digital presence (including social media). We also recommended that KPI’s and ROI measures be introduced.

The Outcome

The client has been implementing our suggestions as affordable, and sales have improved to the extent that the brand is now entrenched in store. In addition a new variant was recently successfully released.

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