Qantas Aquire Loyalty Program

Author: 7-07-2014


Qantas Loyalty perceived an opportunity to develop a niche loyalty program aimed specifically at SME’s. The objective was to develop and test various models that would optimise the benefits for the target market and other stakeholders, including Qantas Loyalty and their Partners. Optivance 360 was chosen to assist Qantas because of its expertise and skill and the ability to provide fresh ideas and creative recommendations in a number of crucial loyalty related and business areas.

What We Did

Optivance 360 worked alongside Qantas Loyalty senior management to test different business models and scenarios and provide objective advice and analytical and creative input across a number of crucial areas. These were very well received by management.

The Outcome

The new Loyalty Program was announced in late 2013 and officially launched at the end of March 2014, with great success. Within days of launch thousands of new members joined the new program and began benefitting from it. Optivance 360 is immensely proud of being chosen to partner Qantas Loyalty.

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